What to do in Amed, Bali : your best guide for 2023

what to do amed
Credits : Ayo Jalan Jalan

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re planning to visit Amed, on the East coast of Bali. And you’d be right to do so ! Although it is less popular than the big southern destinations of the island, Amed has this super authentic and laid-back vibe that nothing can beat… Now you must be wondering : what to do in Amed, Bali ? Let me guide you through the best activities to do in Amed and its surroundings !

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Visiting Amed, Bali : where is it & how to get there ?

Amed is a 14km-long strip of land located on the East coast of Bali, Indonesia. To be accurate, 7 fishermen villages make up the area – Amed is the biggest one of them. The North-East of Bali is a place that means a lot to me, since I lived there for a few months as a volunteer teacher. So if you want my opinion on Amed, Bali, I might be slightly biased but do believe me when I say that this spot is really worth it ! Not only is Amed much more peaceful than the big towns of the South, it’s also located in the middle of a stunning natural environment : amazing sea beds, hills covered in beautiful ricefields, and of course Mount Agung in the background. Sounds like heaven on earth, right ?

sunrise amed bali
Credits : my talented friend @rmwamn on Instagram

How to get to Amed from the South of Bali or Denpasar airport ? There’s no public transportation in Bali, so you get the choice between :

  • Getting a car with a driver, which is very common here. You can just ask your hotel about it. Like everywhere in Indonesia, you can bargain the price. From Ubud, you’ll probably pay around 450k-500k rupiah (about 30 euros). You can also click on this link to book your car for the whole day for only 54€ (you get to choose the itinerary that you want !).
  • Renting a scooter : by far my favourite option, because I love the freedom that goes with it. Also, the views when you’re driving from the South are just gorgeous so the ride is a lot of fun ! I’ll get into the details of driving a scooter later in the post 😉

From Ubud, it will take you more or less 2h30 to get to Amed (it varies a lot according to traffic). Scooter is always faster.

Good to know : if you’re only planning a one-day snorkelling trip to Amed, check out this tour that includes pickup at your hotel :

What to do in Amed, Bali ?

Now you must be asking yourself : what to do in Amed, Bali ? Here’s a selection of the best activities to do here :

1. Go snorkeling in Amed

snorkeling amed
Credits : @mc_rh_ on Instagram

Throw on your mask and tuba, it’s time for a dip ! If you’re thinking about visiting Amed, you might already know that snorkeling is one of the best activities you can do here. The great thing about snorkeling is that not only is it super cheap (you can come with your own gear or rent it here for a few euros), but it’s also accessible to anyone who feels comfortable in the water. That means you don’t even need to scuba dive to witness the incredible underwater life in Amed : sea turtles, giant starfish, rainbow coloured fishes… The most famous snorkeling spots in Amed are Pantai Jemeluk and the Japanese shipwreck.

Isa’s tip : if you want to experience stunning snorkeling, you can also go to the nearby island of Nusa Penida. In that place I swam with sea turtles, giant manta rays… The absolute dream 🤩. For more information, check out this one-day expedition :

2. Go diving in Amed

diving amed bali
Credits : @mellysamantha on Instagram

If your budget allows it, there’s also obviously the option to dive in Amed. You’ll find plenty of diving centres here, including Abyss Dive Center or Dive Concepts. This is the perfect chance to experience your first scuba dive or build up your diving skills at an unbeatable price (compared to Europe !). You don’t want to miss on this calm and warm waters 😉 Here again, Jemeluk bay and the Japanese shipwreck are the best spots.

Planning to go to Amed for just a day trip ? Check out this one-day tour that includes transportation from your hotel, English-speaking guide and lunch :

3. Chill on Amed’s beach

beach amed bali
Credits : @rmwamn on Instagram

There’s something about the black sand beaches of the North-Eastern coast of Bali that I love. We’re far from the general idea that tourists have of balinese beaches, but that peculiarity attracts me even more ! Amed’s beach might be much more quiet than the famous beaches of the South, it’s also much more authentic. To me, it represents the very soul of the town since you’ll be able to witness here scenes of the local daily life at any time of the day : the return of the fishermen in the morning, children playing during the day… and in the evening, many groups of either locals or foreigners chilling in front of a spectacular sunset, sometimes with a little glass or two 🤩 And speaking about that…

4. Enjoy the sunset with some cocktails

If there’s a time you don’t want to miss while in Amed, it’s got to be the golden hour. Watching the sun slowly disappearing behind Mount Agung is something truly magical. There are several spots from which you can witness this beauty, but the best one has to be Sunset Point, with its great perspective on both the beach and the volcano !

sunset amed bali
Credits : @sunsetpointamedbali on Instagram

More generally, Amed’s main road is full of really nice bars where you’ll get to meet a bunch of locals and tourists !

5. Explore the surroundings on a scooter

Back to one of my favourite things to do in Bali : riding a scooooter ! As we said in the beginning, Amed is surrounded by breathtaking views and nothing beats a nice little ride to explore the seaside and the hilly ricefields… One famous spot is Lahangan Sweet, from which you get incredible views on the volcano when the weather is clear. Be careful though, the road that gets you there is extremely steep, narrow and bumpy. I highly recommend you find a car or a moto taxi to drive you there.

ricefield amed bali
Credits : @rmwamn on Instagram

As it is the case in most places around the island, it’s super easy to find a scooter rental. For an entire day, you should pay around 50k rupiah (around 3€). Of course, prices can be bargained and the longer the rental period is, the cheaper the daily rate should be.

With that being said, please be very cautious when driving a scooter here, my friends : I do not recommend this activity to someone who’s never driven a scooter in Southern Asia ! I feel very comfortable doing it only because I learnt how to drive in Indonesia with my family – also because I drove a scooter for 6 months in Bangkok (still have no clue how I survived to this). Although it looks easy, driving a scooter for the first time in a foreign country without knowing the rules (official and non official ones) is pure madness ! Scooter accidents are really common among foreigners here, so think twice before going on your first ride in Bali.

What to do around Amed ?

Since Amed is a pretty small town, you should definitely take advantage of your time here to go on little excursions ! Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll only need to find a driver or rent a scooter. Amed’s surroundings are stunning – I almost want to say mystical, with the sacred volcano and temples floating above the clouds… Here are the best activities to do around Amed, Bali :

1. Tirta Gangga, the water palace

tirta gangga near amed
credits : Ayo Jalan Jalan

This is the place you shouldn’t miss if you’re into photography (or if you want to show off on Instagram 🤪) ! The palace of Tirta Gangga is not only exceptionally photogenic : it also has an incredible history. It was built in 1947 for the last raja of Karangasem’s family and then almost completely destroyed during Mount Agung’s eruption of 1963. What you’re seeing today are just the remains of what used to be a spectacular water palace !  »Tirta Gangga » actually means  »holy water from the Ganges », referring to the holy river in India.

From Amed : 30 min ride in car, less in scooter. A tickets costs 40 000 rupiah (about 2,50€)

Good to know : if you decide to do several activities in one day and you’d rather sit in a comfy car with a driver, check out this one day tour that includes pickup at your hotel :

2. Mount Agung, the sacred mountain

mount agung bali
Credits : Ayo Jalan Jalan

This is by far my favourite excursion to do from Amed – and if you’re sporty and a nature lover, it will be yours too ! Agung is the name of the stunning volcano you can see from Amed. That hike has to be one of my best travel memories. If you’re tempted by this experience, you’ll have to get a guide since the hike is pretty tough and the path isn’t well traced. I must specify that, despite my good physical condition, it took me a lot of mental strength to achieve this ! You can book your trekking with a guide right here :

If you don’t feel fit enough for Agung, no worries ! You can get the volcano experience with mount Batur, which is much easier to hike. You can do the hike be yourself, but I highly recommend you take an English-speaking guide who’ll be able to give you plenty of cool anecdotes + who’ll provide you with a well deserved breakfast on top of the volcano 😉 Click here to book this hike.

pura besakih bali
Credits : @anthonytraveler

Besides that nature/sports aspect, mount Agung is also a fascinating place to witness Balinese culture at its best. In fact, it has always been considered as a very sacred place by the locals. Agung is said to be an offspring of Mount Meru, house of the Gods and  »axis of the world ». The Pura Besakih temple ( »Mother Temple »), aka Bali’s biggest spiritual center, is located at its feet. It’s a super impressive complex and it is THE place you want to visit to learn more about the one-of-a-kind balinese hinduism.

From Amed :

  • To go to Besakih temple, 1h30 by car, less on a scooter
  • To go to the starting point of the hike (Pura Pasar Agung), 1h15 by car, less on a scooter

3. Pura Lempuyang Luhur temple

temple lempuyang bali
Credits : Ayo Jalan Jalan

How photogenic does this place look ? Pura Lempuyang temple is truly one of the best things to do around Amed (and I’m sure that picture is enough to convince you). Considered as one of the most sacred places on the island, the temple is actually a pilgrimage site for the Balinese. I highly recommend you hike all the way to the top, where the last of the 3 levels of the temple is located. Watch out though, you should know that complaining during the hike is said to erase the spiritual aspect of it : I dare you not to do it, in the middle of a humid jungle and dressed with your best sarong (which you must wear in all religious places). Good luck 😅

From Amed : 30 min ride by car, less on a scoooter

4. Tulamben, another great diving spot

Tulamben is the neighbour of Amed, located just North of it on the main road. Although less famous, it is still a quite popular destination for divers, since the wreck of the USAT Liberty is located there (an american cargo from World War II). The shipwreck is not too far from the shore and thus, even beginner divers can access it. I’ve personally never tried the experience, but there is no doubt you will enjoy that activity to do around Amed if you’re into diving !

Here’s a little sneak peak, just for you :

From Amed : 20 min ride by car, less on a scooter

5. Virgin Beach, the hidden gem

This beach is actually located quite far from Amed… but it is on the way to the South of the island, so it’s the perfect spot to stop at ! Virgin Beach is straight out of a dream : a long strand of white sand, turquoise water and in the background, lush green cliffs. The icing on the cake is that this idyllic place is not that famous among tourists, making the atmosphere quite intimate !

virgin beach bali
Credits : digitaltravelcouple

From Amed : 1h ride by car, less on a scooter

Good to know : this destination is also included in the one-day trip package mentioned earlier :

Where to stay in Amed ?

There’s a pretty big range of hotels in Amed, Bali. By the beach or up in the hills, you’ll find a lot of super nice hotels. My personal tip : if you want to be able to walk to restaurants and shops, choose a place on the main road along the beach.

For more independence, you could also choose a guest house or cabin in Amed, Bali. You’ll find plenty of them on the beach and some of them are really affordable.

hotel amed bali
Credits : Ayo Jalan Jalan

Above : the view from the bed in my great cabin at Putu’s, for only 20€/night for 2 people 🤩

And that’s a wrap for this post about « what to do in Amed, Bali » ! I hope all of this is motivating you to come here. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below and even give your opinion on Amed, Bali if you’ve been here. See you very soon for new adventures 👋

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